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Cuc-Boncanale-RZRZ 30

A new cucumber variety that is performing very well in trials in high wire and conventional height cucumber houses in New Zealand.  Dark green leaves give greater crop longevity and vigour.  Fruit length is 35cm on average.  Best for Spring, Summer and Autumn in heated greenhouses.

Resistances: HR: CGMMV / Cca / Ccu / Px         IR: CMV/ CVYV

Pack Size 100 / 1,000 seeds
Technical Sheet Cuc Boncanale RZ



MYRTHOS RZ Cucumber Seeds | Terranova Seeds New ZealandRZ 30


A long Mediterranean style variety highly suited to semi-heated or heated greenhouses for year round production.  Fruit length is approx. 35cm.  The plants have moderate vigour, large dark green leaves and the fruit is dark green and has a well filled tip.  Occasionally this variety will set 2 fruits per node.  Uniformity in size is a feature.  Resistances: HR: Ccu/Sf.  IR: CMV/CVYV

Pack Size 100 / 1,000 seeds
Technical Sheet Cuc Myrthos RZ



Cuc-Tantalos-RZRZ 30NEW Logo


Powerful variety with extra vigour producing plenty of good quality fruit.  Average fruit length 35cm.  Best for Spring; Summer and Autumn in heated green houses,  High resistance  CGMMV/Cca/Ccu/PX.  Intermediate resistance CMV/CVYV.

Pack Size 100 / 1,000 seeds
Technical Sheet Cuc Tantalos RZ