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Terranova Seeds - Plant Population

Plant population per hectare

Unsure about the actual number of plants per hectare planted at different plant spacing and standard bed width. Download our helpful chart for help.

Population Guide PDF
Terranova Seeds - Seed Requirements

Seed requirements per hectare

Determine the quantity of seed required to plant to achieve a set number of plants per hectare by downloading our chart. .

Seed Requirements PDF
Terranova Seeds - Production Guide

Production guide

Looking for a table of standard planting information for each of our vegetables species? We have everything you need including seeding rate per hectare, seeds per gram, standard planting densities, crop maturities for major species.

Production Guide PDF

Cultural Notes

View the charts provided below to obtain standard cultural information on each species. Each pdf file contains the following information:

– General information covering climatic, sowing and spacing requirements.
– Germination information about temperature requirement, days to emergence and plant maturity.
– General crop nutrient removal rates.
– General irrigation requirments.