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Rijk Zwaan

Founded in 1987, Rijk Zwaan has grown to become one of the top five vegetable seed companies in the world. Their focus on vegetables along with a huge commitment to R&D has produced continuous innovation in seed quality and varieties. Support from Rijk Zwaan allows Terranova Seeds to offer top quality seeds of a broad range of vegetable varieties that suit our climate and market conditions.

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Based in Kyoto, Japan, Takii has been dedicated to agriculture for over 180 years. With an unchanging mission to produce productive, flavourful, and nutritious superior vegetable varieties. In recent years Takii has been focussed on developing a number of crops that are suited to the Australian markets. Takii has lived up to its reputation as a world-class breeding company for almost two centuries.

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Part of the Limagrain group, Vilmorin is a French based seed company with activity in vegetable seed breeding and production, developing varieties with high added value, contributing to meeting global food requirements. The Vilmorin carrot program is world-renowned.

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