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Vegetable Seed Product Range

With over 200 vegetable seed varieties available we have every season covered. Our extensive product category listing directory has the information you need to make informed decisions on our varieties. Know the name of the specific product you are looking for? Enter this directly into the search field.

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Avital RZ

Rijk Zwaan

Hybrid Greenhouse Chilli

  • Productive and easy to grow in New Zealand greenhouses
  • Good vigour and a high percentage of straight fruit
  • Fruit can be harvested red or green
  • Always pungent
  • Fruit size approx. 12-15cm in length
  • Resistances: HR PVY:0,1,1.2/Tm:0-3
    IR Lt/Ma/Mi/Mj.

Additional comments and cultural notes
Disease Resistance Key:
HR = High Resistance IR = Intermediate Resistance
PVY = Potato Potyvirus Y
Tm:0-3 = Tobacco mosaic tobamovirus Group 0-3
Lt = Powdery mildew Leveillula taurica
Ma = Meloidogyne arenaria Root-knot nematode
Mi = Meloidogyne incognita Root-knot nematode
Mj = Meloidogyne javanica Root-knot nematode.

Brand: Rijk Zwaan
Type: Hybrid
Pack Size: 100/1,000 seeds