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Larsson RZ


Rijk Zwaan

Hybrid Broccoli

  • Smooth dome shaped heads with medium to fine bead size and dark green colour
  • Uniform head shape and maturity with high cut-out percentages
  • Few stem leaves for easy harvesting and stripping
  • Medium stem size with strong tolerance against hollow stem
  • Average head weights approx. 350-450g
  • Strong against head rot in wet winter conditions
  • Medium size plants with good vigour
  • Versatile variety with a wide harvest window from summer to winter in most areas.

Blue Finn


Early maturing variety with good heat tolerance. Nice smooth domed shaped heads with medium sized bead and blue green colour.

Well adapted to high growing temperatures. Best suited to 15-28°C

Similar maturity and head size to Chief No2

Brassica oleracea.



RZ 30

A CMS hybrid for late Spring, early Summer and Autumn harvest. The plants have medium to strong vigour with very uniform maturity. The heads are dome shaped, blue green colour with uniform fine beads. They have a smooth shape which holds well after maturity. High percentage first cuts are possible.



Medium late variety. Fine bead. Good cool tolerance producing quality heads in the Autumn, Winter and Spring.