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Avital RZ


Rijk Zwaan

Hybrid Greenhouse Chilli

  • Productive and easy to grow in New Zealand greenhouses
  • Good vigour and a high percentage of straight fruit
  • Fruit can be harvested red or green
  • Always pungent
  • Fruit size approx. 12-15cm in length
  • Resistances: HR PVY:0,1,1.2/Tm:0-3
    IR Lt/Ma/Mi/Mj.

Additional comments and cultural notes
Disease Resistance Key:
HR = High Resistance IR = Intermediate Resistance
PVY = Potato Potyvirus Y
Tm:0-3 = Tobacco mosaic tobamovirus Group 0-3
Lt = Powdery mildew Leveillula taurica
Ma = Meloidogyne arenaria Root-knot nematode
Mi = Meloidogyne incognita Root-knot nematode
Mj = Meloidogyne javanica Root-knot nematode.