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Rijk Zwaan

Iceberg Lettuce

  • Very good uniformity with high percentage cut out rate
  • Dark green colour, medium size frame
  • Best suited to Autumn and Spring
  • Relatively high core but not fast bolting
  • Good internal quality and flavour
  • Disease Resistance HR Bl:31, 32, 34, 36EU/Nr:0/Pb IR LMV:1.

Additional comments and cultural notes
Disease Resistance Key

  • HR = High Resistance IR = Intermediate Resistance
  • Bl = Bremia lactucae (Downy mildew)
  • Nr = Nasanovia aphid
  • Pb = Pemphigus busarius (Lettuce Root Aphid)
  • LMV = Lettuce Mosaic Virus
Brand: Rijk Zwaan
Pack Size: 5,000 / 25,000 Split Pill