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Caman RZ

Hybrid Cucumber

  • Dark green slicer type with straight fruit and smooth skin
  • Suitable for in-door semi heated and heated crops or outdoor production
  • A vigorous variety that will tolerate cooler temperatures. Early maturing and very high yielding
  • Good size and shape uniformity
  • Average fruit size 18-20cm long 5cm diameter
  • Disease Resistance: HR Ccu/Px(exSf) IR CMV/CVYV.

Disease Resistance Key

  • Ccu = Cladisporium cucmerinum Scab
  • Px (exSf) = Podosphaeria xanthii (ex Sphaerotheca fuliginea
  • CMV = Cucumber Mosaic Cucummovirus
  • CVYV = Cucumber Vein Yellowing Ipomovirus
Brand: Rijk Zwaan
Type: Hybrid
Pack Size: 500/1,000 seeds
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