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Stronex RZ

Salanova® Incised Lettuce

  • Red crispy type with deeply incised leaves
  • Includes the “knox” trait giving delayed pinking and better shelf-life
  • Vigorous double red variety with well incised leaves
  • Upright plant habit sitting high off the ground
  • Slow bolting
  • Suitable for year-round harvest in most areas
  • Disease Resistance HR Bl:29-37, 39, 40EU/Nr:0/Pb IR LMV:1.

Disease Resistance Key:

  • HR = High Resistance IR = Intermediate Resistance
  • Bl = Bremia lactucae (Downy mildew)
  • Nr = Nasanovia aphid
  • LMV = Lettuce Mosaic Virus
  • Pb = Pemphigus bursarius (Lettuce Root Aphid)
Brand: Rijk Zwaan
Pack Size: 5,000 split pills
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