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Tarsier RZ

Rijk Zwaan

Hybrid Spinach

  • Vigorous variety with excellent establishment
  • Best suited to warm shoulder season and summer in most areas
  • Very similar in habit and appearance to Sunangel but slower growing in warmer season
  • Leaves will be slightly less savoyed than Sunangel and slightly darker green
  • Compliments Sunangel to spread maturity for harvesting
  • Thick leaves and high yields
  • Excellent height uniformity
  • Strong resistance to root diseases pythium and fusarium
  • Strong resistance to leaf diseases downy mildew, stemphylium and anthracnose
  • Resistances: HR Pe:1-7,9,11-19/Sv IR Pe:8,10

Additional comments and cultural notes
Resistance key:

  • HR = High Resistance IR = Intermediate Resistance
  • Pe = Peronospora effuse (ex Peronospora farinosa f. sp Spinaciae)
  • Sv = Stemphylium vesicarium

Ideal population is 1,100 to 1,200 seeds per m2

Brand: Rijk Zwaan
Type: Hybrid
Pack Size: 1 million seeds