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Rijk Zwaan

Cos Lettuce

Mini Type

  • Versatile variety for year round production
  • Small cos for whole leaf processing. Leaves are easy to separate
  • Dark green glossy leaf colour
  • Good shelf life and great flavour
  • Suitable for hydroponics and outdoor soil cultivation
  • Can be grown for cos hearts or whole heads
  • Disease Resistance HR Bl:29, 30, 33-40EU/Fol:1/Nr:0.

Additional comments and cultural notes
Disease Resistance Key:

  • HR = High Resistance IR = Intermediate Resistance
  • Bl = Bremia lactucae (Downy mildew)
  • Nr = Nasanovia aphid
  • Fol = Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lactucum
Brand: Rijk Zwaan
Pack Size: 1,000 / 5,000 Split Pill